Benchmarking In-Hand Manipulation

The purpose of this benchmark is to evaluate the planning and control aspects of robotic in-hand manipulation systems. The goal is to assess the system's ability to change the pose of a hand-held object by either using the fingers, environment or a combination of both. Given an object surface mesh from the YCB data-set, we provide examples of initial and goal states for various in-hand manipulation tasks. We further propose metrics that measure the error in reaching the goal state from a specific initial state, which, when aggregated across all tasks, also serves as a measure of the system's in-hand manipulation capability.


Benchmark Template

Protocol Template

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The initial, goal and reached states are available in this repo for comparison.

Real world

Level Method Group / Researchers Robot Results
I Relaxed-Rigidity University of Utah LL4MA Lab / B. Sundaralingam & T. Hermans Allegro hand PDF


Level Method Group / Researchers Robot Results
III Dexterous Manipulation Graphs KTH Royal Institute of Technology / S. Cruciani, C. Smith, D. Kragic & Yale University / K. Hang YuMi PDF